Snorkel Gears

Updated June 10, 2022

It’s cheaper, cleaner and more memorable than any restaurant or shop.

You can’t beat the efficiency of a day or a week on the reef. All the beaches, 8 to 5 Every Day.

Aruba snorkel rentals are one of the most affordable ways to have fun in Aruba and mix perfect with the Off-road experience! Almost anywhere you go on the island, there is great snorkeling within minutes.

The best part is that almost anyone of any age can enjoy this sport. In order to make the most of your time snorkeling in Aruba, it is important to find the snorkel gear that is best for you.



Full day: US$15.00.

Three days: US$40.00.

Five days: US$50.00.

Weekly rental: US$55.00.

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