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Updated April 06, 2024
Spend in full day rental of adrenaline and good vibes.

Our fleet of Suzuki Jimny 2024 4x4 are completely new, and the best equipment of our One Happy Island.

You must like adventure, as it will be a day full of adrenaline and you will be your own guide.

Be warned that some areas are not marked, but if you follow our directions and explanations with the road map you wont have any problem. 

Working Hours: 8:00 Am. - 5:00 Pm.


  • Suzuki Jimny 4x4 2024 4 Doors.

  1 day: USD175.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  2 days: USD340.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  3 days: USD495.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  4 days: USD640.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  5 days: USD775.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  6 days: USD900.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.

  7 days: USD1,015.00 Including Third-Party Insurance.


** Arikok National Park , under own risk.


Required minimun 21+ years old, with valid DL and Credit Card.

Children under 12 are not allowed in the front seat.

Children under 5 requires to be seated in a child seat

Free Pick-up/Drop-off Unit.

Gas not included , apply additional charges  if come .

Apply a security deposit/deductible authorization charge of US$500.00.

7% Taxes Not Included.

Payments only in Credit Card, Cash Payment not Accepted

We will give you a map, Cooler $5.00 per day (Limit Stock), and all the information require to have a great day exploring the island by your own.

Bandanas Cost: US$10.00 each (If available)

Recommended Stops: Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina, Arashi Beach, California Lighthouse, Baby Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, New Natural Pool, Natural Bridge, Ayo Rock formation, the caves, Baby Beach, Zeerovers, Mangel Halto and Eagle Beach.


  • To guarantee your reservations:

Our reservations agents are going to send you an authorization form asking for booking fee of USD 150,00 per unit (Non-refundable for Cancelation/No Show).


  • Tips to have a good day with Justins.

    - We recommend to use long pants or long socks to avoid the heat of the engine.
    - We recommend to bring a snorkeling equipment, if you don`t have, we can rent it in US$15,00 daily.
    - Use sunscreen, at least 3 times during the trip.
    - Hydrate, take lots of water or soft drinks, we sell them at a low price.
    - Always wear our helmets, it´s mandatory by Aruba regulations
    - Use Sneakers and sunglasses.
    - The terrain is dusty, so we do not recommend using light clothing.
    - We are in the Caribbean, so always take your swimsuit with you, you'll find more than 8 paradisiacal beaches.
    - Follow the routes recommended by our guides, they are skilled and always will recommend where to go and where not, and everything has a reason.
    - Our guides will recommend the best restaurants, follow the recommendations and your experience will be amazing.                                                - Always carry a camera with you.
    - We recommend you bring your snorkeling equipment, you can use it in the natural pool, baby beach, Malmok, etc.
    - Bring a flashlight with you, it will be very useful in the caves of Arikok National Park.
    - If you are two people on the motorcycle, it is advisable to drive more carefully to maintain the balance will be more complicated.
    - Natural Pool: Our recommendation is always leaving the ATV on top of the mountain and ten minutes walk down to the natural pool, especially if you are two people in it.
    - For your own safety, it is not allowed to use alcohol and drugs during the tour.
    - You can always choose from 4 or 8 hours, our recommendation is to take eight hours because you can explore the whole island.
    - You decide if you go on your own or go with one of our friendly guides, either way you choose, you'll have a great day.
    - It´s not allowed to drive the ATV in the sand dunes and in the white sand beaches.

  • Here you will find some of the places that you can visit.

California Lighthouse
Boca Catalina (Snorkeling)
Malmok Beach (Snorkeling)
Arashi Beach (Snorkeling)
Alto Vista Chapel
Butterfly Farm
Eagle Beach
Manchebo Beach
Shopping Streets in Oranjestad
Donkey Sanctuary
Ayo Rock Formation
Ostrich Farm
Baby Beach (Snorkeling)
Lourdes Gotto Caves
Hooiberg mountain
Palm Beach Mall in Noord
Royal Plaza in Oranjestad
Historical Museum in Aruba
More than 4 hours off road
Baby Natural Bridge
Bushiribana gold smelter ruins
Natural Brige Ruins
Andicuri Beach
Natural Pool (Snorkeling)
Boca Prins
Fontein Cave & Ancient indian markings
Quadirikiri Cave
Moro Beach (Cliff Jumping)


Our entire team is waiting for you, as we always say, the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy a smile.

... And remember, do not leave more than footprints, do not take more than photos.

Justins ... Drive the green experience!


  • General information

Warning: Quad/ATV biking can result in serious injury or death if rules are not follow and not operated properly. Justins Car and ATV Rental has a list of prices in case of an accident.

There is inherent danger in any such activity. However, if used properly and within the limits of both the rider and the ATV, the ATV would be as safe as any other mode of transport.

     - This activity is designed to observe and enjoy the historical and natural heritage of Aruba and under no circumstances is it permissible to force the ATV / UTV to the limit, 350cc and 450cc can reach the maximum speed allow of 80km/h and for safety of the client, dangerous driving or activities that endanger the life of the driver and the condition of the machine are not allowed.

     - Driver must be older than 21 years old to drive with a valid driver´s license. 

     - Driver accepts that there is a list of prices in case of accidents and that the bike at the end of the day have to be returned without excess of mud and without damages. 

     - It is not allowed to go inside lagoons and mudbanks

     - Always listen to your guide.

     - Always keep both hands on the handle bars and both feet on the foot rests.

     - Helmets are mandatory by Arubian Regulations.

     - Always keep a safe distance of at least 5 meters between cars.

     - Cost of damages of 4x4 by faulty usage will be paid by its rider.
     - Rates subject to change without prior notice.



We in Justins Team appreciates and highly values nature, and we are very aware of the negative impact irresponsible off road driving could have on nature. He is therefore set at the fact that we should tread lightly while enjoying our 4x4 vehicles and nature.

Below are a couple of guidelines on how to tread lightly.

Drive Responsibly

Travel responsibly on designated roads, trails or areas.
Travel only in areas open to four-wheel drive vehicles.
Drive over, not around obstacles to avoid widening the trail.
Straddle ruts, gullies and washouts even if they are wider than your vehicle.
Cross streams only at designated fording points, where the road crosses the stream.
When possible, avoid mud. In soft terrain, go easy on the gas to avoid wheel spin, which can cause rutting.
Other sensitive habitats to avoid include living desert soils, and seasonal nesting or breeding areas.
Do not disturb historical, archeological or paleontological sites.
Avoid “spooking” livestock and wildlife you encounter and keep your distance.
Motorized and mechanized vehicles are not allowed in designated Wilderness Areas.

Do Your Part

Do your part by modeling appropriate behavior, leaving the area better than you found it, properly disposing of waste, minimizing the use of fire, avoiding the spread of invasive species and restoring degraded areas.

Carry a trash bag on your vehicle and pick up litter left by others.
Pack out what you pack in. Practice minimum impact.
Protect the soundscape by preventing unnecessary noise created by a poorly tuned vehicle or revving your engine.

Special thanks to André and José Francisco for their recommendations and advices.

Build a trail community. Get to know other types of recreationists that share your favorite trail.


Get in touch with our Justins Car Rental community to participate in our "Green Aruba" and "Clean Aruba" Campaigns.

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